As a periodontist, I spend many hours treating my patients. Correct posture, especially the back and core muscles, is absolutely critical in avoiding future back and neck problems. Back and neck pain is one of the most common causes of early retirement amongst dentists. Beata visited my surgery to observe my working position and the demands placed on my body by my job. She then designed a programme of posture control exercises aimed specifically at helping me overcome the imbalance created through my work and achieve the core and back strength needed for good posture while treating patients. She included exercises to help me improve my balance and my everyday position while standing, sitting and walking, which as I found out, were terrible. Beata’s attention to detail, discipline and broad knowledge of the human anatomy make her the ideal person to look after my back.

Thank you Beata!                                                                                                          Edward J Sammut BChD MSc MClinDent MFDS MRD RCSEd                          Specialist in Periodontics, London.