After many years of heavy drinking and the hangovers that goes with it I decided to stop. I needed to do something to turn my life around…. I met my present day Personal Trainer (Beata) in 2006 since then i have lived the last 7 years as a very sober and healthy person. When you loose your way in life as i did through drink you realise it’s a very lonely world out there. Meeting Beata and doing all this exercises she has taking me out of the vicious circle I once was in and has given me the chance of a new look at life.

Beata has an amazing knock of combining hard training with good humour, she motivates, pushes and watches out for my safety. I really couldn’t have got where I am today without her help. I am 60 years of age now and with all the training I feel 10 years younger. Thanks to Beata for all the help and for being so patient with me these last 7 years

Christopher Kelly