My Life….

After many years of heavy drinking and the hangovers that goes with it I decided to stop. I needed to do something to turn my life around…. I met my present day Personal Trainer (Beata) in 2006 since then i have lived the last 7 years as a very sober and healthy person. When you loose your way in life as i did through drink you realise it’s a very lonely world out there. Meeting Beata and doing all this exercises she has taking me out of the vicious circle I once was in and has given me the chance of a new look at life.

Beata has an amazing knock of combining hard training with good humour, she motivates, pushes and watches out for my safety. I really couldn’t have got where I am today without her help. I am 60 years of age now and with all the training I feel 10 years younger. Thanks to Beata for all the help and for being so patient with me these last 7 years

Christopher Kelly




This is where you will discover true fitness.
In the next 12 weeks your goal is to eat healthier, you will learn about balanced nutrition and give your body what it needs to perform 60 days of Body Transformation.

This plan will work for you whether you were dieting for years, you’re female or male, and whether you want to loose weight or bulk up.

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Well – Being

I have been training with Beata of FitnessVIP for almost 5 years.  Each session gives me a tremendous boost of well-being, confidence and energy. Beata is highly knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition and works with me on tailor-made programmes setting manageable goals within realistic time frames. Beata makes every workout challenging, varied and, most importantly, fun.  Since knowing and working with Beata, I have discovered new muscles, greater flexibility, previously untapped reserves of energy and an overall sense of well-being.  Oh, and I have lost lots of surplus weight too!  

 Gisa Bielfeldt, Solicitor


Lower Back Problem in Dentistry

As a periodontist, I spend many hours treating my patients. Correct posture, especially the back and core muscles, is absolutely critical in avoiding future back and neck problems. Back and neck pain is one of the most common causes of early retirement amongst dentists. Beata visited my surgery to observe my working position and the demands placed on my body by my job. She then designed a programme of posture control exercises aimed specifically at helping me overcome the imbalance created through my work and achieve the core and back strength needed for good posture while treating patients. She included exercises to help me improve my balance and my everyday position while standing, sitting and walking, which as I found out, were terrible. Beata’s attention to detail, discipline and broad knowledge of the human anatomy make her the ideal person to look after my back.

Thank you Beata!                                                                                                          Edward J Sammut BChD MSc MClinDent MFDS MRD RCSEd                          Specialist in Periodontics, London.

Hello Beata


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy these sessions. Since       I started them, I have become a lot fitter and have lost weight. The sessions are a form of therapy for me that help me cope with a busy and stressful working life.You introduced me to running this year with the result that I completed a 10km run, this was a great achievment for me. You inspire and motivate me to keep going to get fitter and lose more weight.

Thank You                                                                                                           Anne Martin, Executive Manager

From Fat to Feet


I am a 46 year old, deskbound, city worker but I am fitter now than I have ever been, all thanks to Beata! 
Five years ago I was overweight, out of shape and out of breath, the only exercise I got was running for a train.   I was nervous on my first few trips to the FitnessVIP (I am not a naturally sporty type!) but Beata took control and got me working. Within six months I was doing my first 5 K run and I haven’t looked back. She has taught me that anything is possible with a bit of hard work and practice. Like many people I have a stressful job; the regular exercise has really helped me deal with that work pressure. It has also enabled me to get back to horse riding again, which is fantastic.

Working out with Beata is great fun and really rewarding, I can’t recommend it enough!

Kate Maloney, 46 Pensions Manager

Big Thanks to Everyone!


Thank you to everyone  who came to visit our studio in this rainy weather.

I hope you all like it and we will see you very soon training with us


BeataFitnessVIP team