MONDAY- intermittent fasting, not eating for 16 hours since our last meal (Sunday’s dinner at 9pm) Those goals should give you a mental strength to continue fasting ;

  • Reducing time spent eating, as you will eat a reduced number of larger meals.
  • Extending lifetime, though the mechanism is poorly understood and may not apply to humans.
  • Losing body fat.
  • Increasing (nor)epinephrine levels, enhancing focus and alertness.
  • Increasing growth hormone levels, raising bone, organ, and muscle mass.
  • Increasing autophagy and associated immune functions, helping you fight off infections and the like.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Everybody will react to intermittent fasting differently.

If you are somebody who has blood sugar regulation issues (diabetes, hypoglycemia, etc.), I strongly recommend you discuss with your doctor or medical professional before making changes to your diet.

10:30 AM 

I am getting ready for my workout,  so i need my pre-workout  BCAA supplement ( amino acids complex)





11 AM Work out my strength on TRX



12:30 AM first meal, high in protein. What can be better than crashed avocado on sourdough and poached egg. Best meal ever!




5 PM  a bit of nuts and plenty of water



8 PM second big meal.

Home made kebabs, green olives salad, tzatziki sauce and tortillas