Short Fasting = Fat Loss. Remember at the heart of everything is your body’s glucose metabolism: regulating blood sugar, energy burning and storage (fat). By having short periods of not eating (fasting) body will start to increase the process of releasing fats. The fat cells get stronger messages and open up their doors. More free fatty acids means more chance for the body to take them to the muscles and burn them up as energy.

 Weekly focus. Try The “2 meal solution” program is just one way that I believe to be easy and effective

Example: Monday you eat normally and stop at 7pm. Tuesday (your fasting day) you wait and don’t start eating until 11 with your first meal and have your last meal around 6pm. You do not eat again until the next day (Wed) at your normal breakfast time. (your fasting hours are from 7pm till 11am the next day with eating windows 4-8 hours) It is important to start slow and understand how your body will begin to react to such a new concept (as it may be used to eating all the time). It is a simple yet effective way to not only lose weight, but also “free” yourself from an obsessive eating mentality.